Metal Heat Treating

International Metal Products heat-treats your parts in-house using an austempering process. This method provides low distortion and constant close tolerances. Parts are fed to a continuous-mesh-belt operation utilizing automatic feeds and computer controlled atmospheres. This capability allows us to manufacture in high volumes insuring a consistency and reliability of product while maintaining the necessary tolerances.

Our ability to provide quality heat treating is rare and unique when compared to the majority of stamping facilities. In fact, IMP is known for being able to maintain straightness and flatness where other heat treat operations have failed.



Heat Treated clips after belt driven austemper process for high volume production runs.

Continuous belt furnace offering austempering for mid to high carbon neutral requirements. High processing rates up through 300 lbs per hour and salt quench enable us to meet your hardness requirements without the brittleness of water or oil quench systems.

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