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Welcome to the official web site of International Metal Products. We specialize in the precision stamping of high volume metal products. We also do heat treating with our austempering furnaces, and a wide variety of specialty finishes and plating.

With over 100 years in the specialty metal finishing business, International Metal Products can consult with your personnel and create the perfect match for your manufacturing process needs. We offer custom tooling and can use our design expertise to consistently bring innovation to any job.

International Metal Products

International Metal Products produces a wide variety of precision stamped metal products like these pen clips depicted here

This photo depicts the several varieties of specialty finishing on these precision stamped metal pen clips This photo depicts a barrel of honed pen clips after they have been through the burnishing and deburring process

This is a view of our warehouse and production floor where the high volume precision metal stamping manufacturing takes place
Another example of specialty finishes on a precision manufactured component created by International Metal Products
This picture depicts the customized metal bands used in Estee Lauder's line of specialty skin care products